Wholesale Products
(Organic teas for business use)

Our organic teas have earned "Organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard)" certification.
Our products also meet USA and EU organic standards, not to mention domestic standards, allowing exportation with valid organic certification.
We offer an assortment of safe and consistent commercial use teas that have passed residual agricultural chemical tests and radioactivity tests.
We make it a priority to satisfy all our customers' needs, so please feel free to contact us at any time.
We will send you an estimate according to your request.


  • Organic Uji Gyokuro

    Organic Uji Gyokuro

    About 20 days before the first harvest these tea leaves are covered in order to shut out sunlight and intensify flavor. This high quality tea boasts the unique, aromatic flavor of "Covered tea leaves".

  • Finest-quality Organic Uji Sencha

    Finest-quality Organic Uji Sencha

    Using only freshly sprouted leaves that have been picked around the auspicious eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring , this is a tea of the finest quality from the famed Uji area. Enjoy savoring its fragrant aroma and taste.

  • Organic Uji High Quality sencha

    Organic Uji High Quality sencha

    A very flavorful, high quality tea comprised of only leaves picked during the first harvest of the year.

  • Organic Uji Deep Steamed sencha

    Organic Uji Deep Steamed sencha

    These tea leaves are steamed longer than usual, and through this process, the length of tea fibers is reduced and more nutrition is brought out from the leaves. The tea offers a mild, full-bodied flavor.

  • Organic Uji sencha

    Organic Uji sencha

    This tea's flavor delivers an excellent balance of richness and astringency. The perfect tea for everyday drinking.

  • Organic Uji Bancha (Aoyagi)

    Organic Uji Bancha (Aoyagi)

    With its fresh, light flavor, this tea is easily brewed with boiled water.

  • Organic Roasted Brown-rice Tea

    Organic Roasted
    Brown-rice Tea

    A blend of roasted organic brown-rice tea and Bancha (Aoyagi).

  • Organic Uji Maccha Green Tea

    Organic Uji Maccha Green Tea

    We painstakingly grind only select organic steamed leaves to make powdered organic green tea of the highest quality, deep and lushly green.

  • Organic Powdered Green Tea

    Organic Powdered
    Green Tea

    This powdered tea is made of organic whole tea leaves to preserve the nutritional benefits of the entire tea leaf. It's also perfect for baking and cooking, as well as drinking.

  • Organic Sweetened Green Tea

    Organic Sweetened Green Tea

    This tea is made with organic Uji Maccha green tea and organic granulated sugar. You can enjoy this delicately sweet and rich tea by just adding iced water or milk and mixing well.

  • Organic Uji Hojicha

    Organic Uji Hojicha

    This tea is popular for its rich aroma endowed by a slow roast method using gravel roaster.

  • Organic sencha with accha Green Tea n Tea Bags

    Organic sencha with
    Maccha Green Tea
    in Tea Bags

    Our tetrapod tea bags make brewing genuine sencha easy. The tea is made up of organic sencha with organic Maccha green tea added.

  • Organic Hojicha Tea Bags

    Organic Hojicha Tea Bags

    Roasted organic Hojicha powder packed into ready-to-use, unbleached tea bags.

  • Harimaen 3 Year Bancha

    Harimaen 3 Year Bancha

    Our most popular tea, 3 year Bancha is made by blending exact amounts of Kyobancha and Kukicha (twig tea) to create an exquisitely delicate flavor. This tea contains very little caffeine and can thus be enjoyed day or night.

  • 3 Year Bancha Tea Bags

    3 Year Bancha Tea Bags

    Our popular 3 year Bancha in tetrapod tea bags for easily brewing highly aromatic tea.